On 20 Sept 2020 PT Lab held a 1 year birthday party at Dai Duong restaurant.

PT Lab proud to be an importer and distributor of top-end diagnostic equipment and devices for hospitals in Vietnam, with the mission of improving the quality of life and the health of Vietnamese people, PT Lab continues to find the latest technology products and devices to meet the patients’ medical examination and treatment needs, thus contribute to the advancement of Vietnamese medicine.

From some members at the beginning now PT Lab have total 18 members from north to south, those are qualified and enthusiastic people, always try their best for company.

Mr Nguyen Hoang Phong and his wife attended to congratulate Mr Linh – CEO of PT Lab

Mr Linh – CEO of PT Lab always have a big smile on his face

Mrs Pham Bao Nguyen – CEO of PT Medical

After the speak of Mr Phong and Mr Linh, all members of PT Lab are cheers with them to start the party. During the party, the guests excitedly participated in the games: “Who know PT Lab best?” and “Karaoke”. The prizes were a box of wine and decorative dried flowers, presented to the winner in a bustling atmosphere, bringing joy to all in attendance.

All PT Lab members are cheers with Mr Phong and Mr Linh to start the party

CEO from other subsidiaries

Mr Phong award wine box to Ms Tuyết – Winner of the game

Ms Luc Phuong Linh (POC Manager of Siemens Healthineers Vietnam) took a picture with Mr Linh and PT Lab’s engineers team

The party was a great success, creating a memorable milestone. Bringing a lot of emotions to all participants and the PT Lab team, all of them left with smiles on their faces. It’s motivating all members to strive together, creating successes and strong growth in the future.

All PT Lab members