On 23-25 ​​July, 2020, all PT Lab employees attended a great company trip with PTG at Melia Resort. With the main theme of teambuilding and congratulation for PTG turning 11, the trip took place very exciting and brought back many wonderful memories for everyone

All members of PT Lab

The first day of the trip started with a teambuilding session of 5 challenges, the group’s members were divided into 10 teams to participate enthusiastically, solidarity is an important factor to help the team achieving good results, and the award will be announced on the gala dinner the next day.

Teambuilding Stage

Photos of members after the teambuilding game, although the challenges were quite difficult and tiring, the teams still kept their smiles on their lips.

Gala dinner was held the following night, the dresscode used for the party was black and red, all the members had carefully prepared for the night, everyone appeared splendid and playful, to start a memorable birthday party.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Phong – Chairman of PT Group and his wife

CEOs cheered

The teambuidling teams continued to perform together, the theme of each group was announced on the morning of the same day, although the preparation time was very short, but all the repertoire was great, bringing no exciting and refreshing atmosphere throughout the party

One interesting plays from subsidiaries

At the end of the Gala dinner, all members of the group sat down facing the stage, turned on the flash and sang the song “Health The World” to bring a very touching and heartfelt moment, and definitely is an unforgettable memory for all the members attending the party.

The members turned on the flash and headed towards the stage, the hundreds of PTG’s finders joined in the same beat of love

All PTG’s members