According to the annual practice, every Christmas season, all PT Group staff members will prepare gifts to exchange, each person prepares a secret gift with an ordinal number, all members will take their turns to get lucky number and receive the gifts.

Pictures of lovely gifts were carefully prepared by all members

To create a warm Christmas atmosphere, decoration activities are also carefully invested. The subcidiaries are very actively to decorate and beautify their working corners. The Christmas atmosphere also spreads throughout all corners of PT Group.

This year, PT Lab decorated a colorful and warm fireplace

Another lovely decoration 

The gift exchange game was exciting, all members waited for their turn to draw numbers and receive their lucky gifts. All members of PT Group attended, creating a warm, happy atmosphere full of love.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Phong – Chairman of PTG also joined the game

Mr. Tran Hoai Linh – CEO of PT Lab attended to give gifts to an employee of PT Group

After the game of giving gifts, the whole staff moved to the rooftop to attend the dinner party, creating a warm atmosphere, this is always a warm tradition of the corporation, bringing love to everybody. The party had a great success, leaving many lovely memories for the members attended.

PT Lab team